Our paper, entitled, Reflective Informatics Through Family Storytelling: Self-discovering Physical Activity Predictors, was accepted to CHI 2017. Abstract:

HCI research has increasingly examined how sensing technologies can help people capture and visualize data about their health-related behaviors. Yet, few systems help people reflect more fundamentally on the factors that influence behaviors such as physical activity (PA). To address this research gap, we take a novel approach, examining how such reflections can be stimulated through a medium that generations of families have used for reflection and teaching: storytelling. Through observations and interviews, we studied how 13 families interacted with a low- fidelity prototype, and their attitudes towards this tool. Our prototype used storytelling and interactive prompts to scaffold reflection on factors that impact children’s PA. We contribute to HCI research by characterizing how families interacted with a story-driven reflection tool, and how such a tool can encourage critical processes for behavior change. Informed by the Transtheoretical Model, we present design implications for reflective informatics systems. (PDF)

Additionally, we are going to present our position paper on family storytelling and reflections at CHI 2017’s Data Relationship workshop.

Family Storytelling and Reflection paper at #CHI2017