Join our Lab!

At the Wellness Technology Lab, we are always looking for research assistants to join our lab and assist with our projects. We often have volunteer positions available with the possibility of these positions turning into paid research assistantships. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in research and to apply your skills in cutting-edge wellness technology research. 

Contact us at for more information on our current projects!

The following are examples of the types of positions available.

Research Study Support

  • Recruit and screen potential participants
  • Organize recruitment materials
  • Keep records of recruitment efforts
  • Establish relationships with local organizations to recruit participants
  • Help facilitate interviews and focus groups
  • Edit and test study materials (e.g., interview guides, surveys)
  • Review of relevant literature

Job Requirements: No previous experience required. Relevant experience is a plus.

Data Processing and Analysis

  • Input survey data
  • Transcribe interviews
  • Qualitative analysis (e.g., labeling videos and transcripts)
  • Quantitative analysis (e.g., statistical analysis)
  • Review of relevant literature

Job Requirements: Training will be provided for all roles (except for quantitative analysis). Relevant experience is a plus.

User Interface Design

  • Create and test paper prototype
  • Create and test clickable prototypes
  • Design application artwork
  • Design and test interface
  • Review of relevant literature

Job Requirements: Relevant experience is a plus.

Software Development

Please refer to job postings for details about skills requirements for each project. Past projects have involved:

  • Architecture design
  • API research
  • Front-end development (e.g., Android, iOS, web)
  • Back-end development (e.g., database design)

Job Requirements: Experience/familiarity with the appropriate platform. Requirements vary based on the project.

Open Positions

There are no open paid positions at this time. If you are interested in a volunteer position, please contact Dr. Parker (a.parker [at]