Using multiple workshop iterations we developed eight stories as contents for the Experiential Learning Tech app. Below are excerpts from some key moments within the stories.

Eli and the Red Hat Blown by the Wind

Eli and Mom Elephants go for a walk down at the grassland. It is a windy day.


A strong wind blows Miss Antelope’s red hat right off her head!

“Help me catch my hat. My red hat,” she cries.

“Eli, let’s help Miss Antelope catch her red hat,” says Mama Elephant.

But Eli is scared. “If I run too fast, I will trip and fall over,” says Eli.

“You’ll be fine! Come on. We will start slow and get faster one step at a time,” says Mama.

Cobby and the Game of Cowabubaball

Cobby began to explain the game rules. “So to play Cowabubaball…, you have to kick the ball and run. Then you kick the ball from this pole to that pole. Let me show you how,” says Cobby.

Cobbie kicks the ball and runs and kicks and runs from one pole to the another. “Now it’s your turn, Bella,” says Cobby.

Bella kicks the ball and runs then kicks the ball and runs. She finishes faster than Cobby!


“Arthur, it’s your turn,” says Bella.

Arthur kicks the ball. Then he runs. Then he stumbles. He kicks the ball again and tries to run to catch the ball. But Arthur is not a very fast runner. “I can’t do this. I’m exhausted,” says Arthur.

“Let me try,” says Elena. She kicks the ball and runs as fast as she can. Like Arthur, she can’t catch the ball. Elena doesn’t run very often. “I’m exhausted! Let me take a break,” said Elena.”

Sydney the Sloth and the Uphill Ride

One day, Mr. Turkey buys a shiny blue bike for Sydney.

“Sydney, now you can play outside with your bike,” says Mr. Turkey.

Sydney wants to play outside, but after much thinking, she would rather take a nap in her house.

“I like outside. I want to be outside. But right now I want to be inside and have a nap,” says Sydney.

“Oh come on Sydney, let’s go outside. It will be fun!” says Mr. Turkey.

So they did.

“Ride this bicycle,” says Mr. Turkey.

Sydney has never ridden a bike before. She falls off within seconds.

“No sloth is good at balancing themselves!” says Sydney.



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number #1618406.